If you feel the Facebook News Feed is cluttered, thing again. Facebook is planning to make some changes to its news feed that would make it even more cluttered.
“Facebook is planning to launch an unfiltered News Feed. The changes are designed to address some of the biggest frustrations by third-party developers and marketers on standing out in the News Feed,” reports the WallStreet Journal.

In the new feed, users would be able to see all the information about their friend’s activities and updates,  and the companies they like. By doing this, Facebook can provide developers and advertisers a much greater chance at visibility. This will also encourage more likes and comments on the brand pages as the posts would show up more on the Home page of Facebook users.
The move will also provide the social network with more data about consumers, “The more they let you do through Facebook, the more Facebook knows about those particular actions and those particular people,” Ian Schafer, chief executive of New York-based digital marketing firm Deep Focus, told the WallStreet Journal .
Facebook is also planning to revamp its “Like” button, and incorporate other gestures. For instance, with the new Like feature, consumers can include a variety of responses like “Want”, “Need” or “Have”, to indicate their intentions more clearly. The would help advertisers advertise their products more effectively.
Facebook is still exploring these new functionalities. The changes would most likely be announced at Facebook’s F8 conference for developers, people familiar with the matter said. Facebook is yet to finalize the dates of the conference.

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