criteria for assessment
Assumption the total cost for 8-10 semesters.
S1 is a program of regular, not international class.
Not the cost of medical school / dental / medical field of studyprograms.
Does not include the costs of voluntary donations, just pure cost of education.
Total cost there are 2, minimum and maximum, called the most expensive because it is sorted from minimum to maximum totalcost.
Divided into three categories: Very expensive (at least 100million or more), Quite expensive (80-100 million or more) andrelatively expensive (the cost is too extreme range, 50-100million or more)

1. President University

Average tuition fees: USD 25.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: USD 250 million
Standing in 2001. President University is an international-style campus both in Indonesia. In 2001 a high school campus is owned by cikarang technique Jababeka Industry, but its development make this campus a university in 2004. President University drafted by Mr. S. D. Darmono as President Director of PT Jababeka Tbk. and Prof.. Donald W. Watts as President of Bond University (Queensland) and the Deputy Advisory Curtin University in Western Australia.
source: www.president.ac.id
2. Swiss German University (SGU)

Average tuition fees: USD 24 million - 28.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: Rp 223 million to 247 million
Established in 2000. The campus is nuanced tadalah first international campus in Indonesia. Located in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Tangerang. Located in the complex atmosphere of beautiful and quiet make this campus feel comfortable. From pengalamn me and my colleague who once came to this campus, I found many teachers "bule" original (white) on this campus. Perhaps this is one reason the campus is expensive.
source: www.sgu.ac.id
3. Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH)

Average tuition fees: USD 9 million - 15.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: Rp 130 million to 200 million
Standing in 1996. Campus is located in Lippo Village Karawaci this "so-called" having an international curriculum in teaching.Facility is the main thing that ditunjolkan of this campus, like the Sport Center, NBA Basketball Hall, Swimming Pool, Food junctions Square, even the Department Store is also available on this campus. FMU is now hunted many prospective students because of the prestige status and prestige. For quality, the UPH is still in the stage of the prestige of the campus perkembangan.Setelah is sticking in the world of print and internet, celebrities began many college campus, like Marcel Chandrawinata, Mishel Chandrawinata, Ben Kasyafani, Marshanda, and others.
source: www.uph.edu
4. Ciputra University (UC)

Average tuition fees: USD 9 million - 16.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: Rp 83 million to 160 million
The university is relatively new stand the year 2006. But its founder is Ciputra, one of the leaders in the field of architecture and property. The campus has a motto of producing world class graduates entrepreneurs. For the city like Surabaya, on-campus tuition is classified as very expensive, even more expensive than UPH Surabaya though.
5. Trisakti University (Usakti)

Average tuition fees: USD 9 million - 12.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: Rp 90 million to 120 million
Stand 1965. Of course you already know the name of Trisakti.The campus has a long history. Located in the western area of ​​Jakarta Grogol Tarumanagara exactly adjacent to the University.From its founding until 1998, this campus for prospective students to be excellent because of the favorites. Finally, many kids who send their children to government officials in Trisakti.This also includes the celebrities Indonesia, such as Nova Eliza, Bunga Citra Lestari, Imelda Therine, Christy Jusung, Zse Zse Shahab, Monita, Putri Titian, aka Nyctagina Jeng Kellin, etc.. But after 1998, growth declined Trisakti caused many emerging new campus with a level of intense competition.
source: www.trisakti.ac.id

6. Tarumanagara University (UNTAR)

Average tuition fees: USD 7 million - 10.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: Rp 65 million to 120 million
Standing in 1959. This Trisakti neighbors. In addition to neighbors, was also equally expensive tergologn. The atmosphere of the campus building is much more sleek and luxurious than Trisakti. Untar is also one of the campus that is owned by the Ciputra under Tarumagara Foundation. The campus is a favorite number one for the Chinese ethnic in Indonesia.
source: www.untar.ac.id
7. Bina Nusantara University (Binus)

The average tuition fee: Rp 6,000,000 - 9.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: Rp 61 million to 107 million
Stand 1980. Surely you are familiar with the name Binus.Campus known for its IT is very popular lately, because the subject of conversation in cyberspace. Especially after Binus name included in the ranking of the best campus site number 8 Se-Indonesia in 2010 according to webometrics. Even Binus also entered the top 10 in 4icu (International College & University). Once tuition is very cheap, but is now rising up as popularity. Binus also have to have two types of campus, Binus University in West Jakarta and Binus International in Senayan.
source: www.binus.ac.id
8. Indonesia Atma Jaya Catholic University (UAJ)

The average tuition fee: Rp 3.000.000 - 10.000.000/semester
Total tuition fee: Rp 25 million to 110 million
Stand 1960. The campus is one of those relatively expensive, because there is a very cheap cost, but some are very expensive. Atmajaya be a campus favorite and Untar Trisakti apart long ago. The program is a favorite study of Psychology and Medicine. Atmajaya is a private college is the cleanest of all this gossip.

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