RAMADAN more vibrant with a variety of clients too great show presentation. One of the coloring is Indonesia Islamic Fashion Festival (IIFF) in 2011.

Yayasan Indonesia or Indonesian Islamic Fashion Islamic Fashion Consortium (IIFCC) with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Coordinating Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI returns to Indonesia Islamic Fashion Festival (IIFF) in 2011 with the theme "Fashion & Tourism Extravaganza". More than 20 leading planners also jazz, like Dian Pelangi, Defrico Audy, Hengky Kawilarang, IRNA Pearl, Jeany Ang, Merry Pramono, Malik Moestaram, Stephen Hammy, Sofie, Shafira, and so on.

 In addition to the stage held a fashion show, IIFF 2011 also offers two new things to sharpen Indonesia promotional strategy towards the ideals of the Muslim world as a fashion mecca. First, convening an online beauty pageant world's first "Muslim Beauty 2011". Second, the bestowal IIFC Top Designer's Award to fashion designers who excel in the field of processing of the brand, fashion style, as well as the ability to read market tastes.
"It is undeniable competitive conditions in the fashion industry began to squirm since Indonesia proclaimed as a fashion mecca muslim world through IIFF years ago. Like an inspiration, a number of countries that exist in the world's first global fashion seriously start working on this huge market potential," said Eka Shanty, Director IIFF IIFC at the opening of 2011 in Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Thursday (11/08/2011).
Therefore, as added Eka, required far-reaching promotional strategies such as digital marketing through social networking media. The goal, to widen access to IIFF Muslim fashion lovers wherever they are.
"This activity is expected to further spur the growth of various art-based creative industries. In turn, Indonesia's economy will experience a growth spurt with a more sturdy pillars. Since, thousands of creative ideas have emerged from local wisdom in various areas that later developed into a flagship attraction each respective regions, "said Edy Putra Irawady, Deputy Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Trade and Industry on the same occasion.
While the new seed to attract Muslim fashion designer, IIFF 2011 in collaboration with the magazine held a contest Noor Clothing Design (LRBM) on August 22, 2011 at the Puri Agung Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya.
For fashion lovers who want to visit IIFF 2011, the available options of designer famous fashion widths as well as the opportunity to enjoy discounts and midnight sale at the "Shopping Marathon Hourly Price" at 19 to 21 August 2011. IIFF 2011 held on 11 August to 11 September 2011.

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