IN times like the current serbacanggih, active show themselves in social networks like Facebook or Twitter is a necessity. Therefore, the best pose in a photo showing off your Facebook profile as well as BlackBerry Messenger's duty.

With the know how to pose, you can display the best angle. One can make the body look slimmer.

For those of you who feel a lack of proportional body, time peering tip how to look slimmer when shooting, as quoted Allwomensstalk.

Position the camera on top

Tricks look slimmer is to take pictures with a camera position above. This position allows you to see the camera up to make the neck look more level and makes you look slimmer.

Align the head

Be careful with your head when taking a picture. We recommend that you select the pose with a straight head position to minimize body impressions is wider if you tilt it left or right.

Rotate the body

Position your body directly facing the camera will make it look bigger. Choose your shoulders a little detour to see the camera lens, this way will make you look slimmer. It is suggested also pose by putting one foot forward.

Hold the stomach

Position your shoulders and your back straight, then hold the abdomen slightly when shooting. This will make you look thinner.

Wear a black dress

What you wear also has an effect, choose a dark color clothing to disguise the impression of fat. The color black is always powerful to make more slender appearance dramatically. Do not forget to always remind yourself not to wear clothes that are too big or small.


Knowingly or not, affect the appearance of hair. Menguncir hair like a horse without leaving a pony tail will make the head, neck, and shoulders appear larger than the original.

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