Palembang Cleanest Cities in ASEAN category "Clean Land".As the cleanest cities in Southeast Asia, to realize the international city of Palembang as a cultured, religious and independent.

Next year, the city of Palembang may promote more convincing as a tourism city worth a visit. Because on 8 October in Hanoi, Vietnam Eddy Santana Putra, Mayor of Palembang, received a trophy as a sign of election of the city of Palembang as the cleanest cities in ASEAN for the category of "Clean Land".
Cup ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable City Award, the prize being held as one way of improving the environment in the ASEAN countries. And hygiene, including one of 13 criteria organized tourist destination by the World Economic Forum, one of the world's prestigious institution which was founded in 1971.
How do I clean the city of Palembang city? It used to be just Palembang branded as one of the dirtiest cities, particularly in the areas of Pasar 16 Ilir Traditional and Ampera Bridge area but now can be seen both areas have been transformed into an open space in city parks is quite calm amid the blazing sun, Fort Kuto Besak (BKB) formerly known dirty and prone now became a favorite place for concerts and large exhibitions, such as Sriwijaya Fair (May 2008).
If BKB and Bridge Ampera for sanitation and cleanliness have changed 180 degrees compared first by Aminoto, Head of Public Relations of Palembang city administration. Government business, society and the private sector for environmental cleanliness is not only visible on the streets of protocols or pathways are green, environmentally friendly programs by encouraging the active participation of the population such as in each sub appointed 3 to 4 neighborhood (RT) as a pilot a clean and healthy environment. While the part of the city government commissioned the yellow army always ready for a full 24 hours.
It seems that the assessment team from ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (AWGESC) impressed by the clean environment of Palembang city, cleanliness is of course not by looking in the eyes alone. Committee of AWGESC also find out "the concept of" environmental clean up his city of Palembang. Obtained evidence that the waste is disposed of through regular waste disposal systems, better sanitation, as well as the government and the community aware of hygiene.
Palembang chosen by the government of Indonesia has been prepared since 2006. Initially selected 18 cities and has great potential to be submitted to the committee, among others, Denpasar, Medan and Pakanbaru but in 2007 the city's three fallen down during the assessment Adipura (Award for the cleanest cities in Indonesia).
That's when the city of Palembang precisely emerged and began to be taken into account, in addition to receiving Adipura two times in a row, Palembang also received an award from the Department of Public Works for structuring the system of irrigation, drainage, and settlement systems slum locations.Award as the cleanest city in ASEAN to encourage governments to Palembang city also launched the slogan "Palembang as the International Cultured Religious and Independent"

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