Mobile security expert warns that hackers have a new way to attack the device operating system (OS) Google Android. How?
In the interests of security so that no hackers used, a mobile security expert Riley Hassell and his partner Shane Macaulay did not disclose what kind of attack and what applications are included.
But he said, there are more than dozens of Android apps that make the OS is vulnerable to attack.
"Application developers often fail to follow safety instructions and fails to write the application properly," he said.

As a result, hackers could easily attack from afar and use, including for SMS.
"When there's no threat and released a 'patch,' but it will obviously be very dangerous," says the founder of the security firm's privateer Labs.
Hassell and Macaulay claimed to have warned Google about Titus. But a Google spokesman Jay Nancarrow both experts admitted to not believing it.
"Bugs is not in Android," he said as reported by Reuters.
On the other hand, other security researchers who know about the findings of Hassell and Macaulay claimed to understand why both of these experts would not reveal further findings.
"When there is something that can be used to exploit and no way to fix it, so berbaya announce such information," said the researchers.
Hassell said they would disclose this at the security conference 'Hack in the Box' in Kuala Lumpur, October

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