American Collectors Insurance Company has been in business for over 33 years and is the nation's leading provider of collector vehicle and collectibles insurance. The company is the place to go for insurance for your antique/classic cars and motorcycles with their Agreed Value coverage. But that's not all they are known for, the company insures everything from action figures to villages.

This is just a general summary of the coverage provided. Contact the company for more detailed information on your particular collection and insurance needs.
Insurables Include:
Classic/antique cars and motorcycles, action figures, advertising memorabilia, animation art, automobilia, plates, die cast, dolls, figurines, jukeboxes, militaria, model trains, ornaments, pottery, sports memorabilia, teddy bears and villages.
Not Insured:
Coverage is not currently available for "paper" collectibles such as stamps, cards, paper dolls and documents, nor for record albums/video cassettes, china/flatware, watches/jewelry, coins, modern firearms, furniture or fine art.
Agreed Value Coverage:
American Collectors Insurance provides agreed value coverage for collectibles (a value determined by the customer at the time of purchasing coverage), while homeowners' policies only provide actual cash value for collectibles (which is a depreciated value - they don't take into consideration that collectibles appreciate!)
Natural Disasters Coverage:
American Collectors Insurance covers natural disasters such as flood, hurricane, and earthquake, which most homeowners' insurance policies do not. The company also covers accidental breakage, which you would never see on a homeowners' policy.
The cost for insuring your collection is $75. per $10,000 worth of coverage, each additional $1,000 is $7.50.
$100. deductible per occurrence.
Although collectors are encouraged to have an inventory and pictures of their collection, these are not submitted at the time of application. The only items that are individually listed are pieces valued at over $2,000. each.
Pairs and Packaging Coverage:
When a pair is broken up by loss or breakage (including breaking a lid on a cookie jar) the company will cover the cost of finding a perfectly matching piece, if it cannot be found, the insurance will cover replacing the entire set or jar. In the case of packaging being destroyed, the insurance covers the difference of value of the item with box, as opposed to no box.
Coverage Quotes:
Quotes can be done via online or on the phone at (800) 257-5758.
Insurance Company:
Policies are underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, except in Minnesota where underwriter is the American Security Insurance Company. American Bankers Insurance Company has a rating of A for Excellent.
Web site: American Collectors Insurance

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